Wood Countersink Drill Bit Set-9pcs

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Adjustable countersunk holes - also for wood - Adjustable stop collar allows you to adjust the depth of the countersunk hole and the adjustable tool can be adjusted for a wide range of screw sizes.

Quick change shanks - Quick change 1/4" shanks are universal in size and compatible with all 1/4" quick change collets, Juego De Brocas Avellanadoras Para Madera, Avellanadores Para Madera, Juego De Brocas Para Avellanar, Broca De Avellanado.

Highly durable, by far the most popular HSS for high toughness, wear-resistance, and good cutting edge retention; drill, countersink, and countersink holes in one step; countersink tools do not clog, providing excellent speed and clean surfaces

Tapered drill tip with widened recess for fast, clean drilling of pilot holes and ensures a tight fit with screws, and can be adjusted to control pilot hole depth

Attaches to any power table or hand drill driver - widens and bevels the edges of the drill hole when woodworking or building forming so that screws, nails, or bolts can be inserted flush with the surface you are working on

Countersunk hole drill kit Also for woodworking countersunk holes - includes 5 pieces of all the same size #6 cutters (for screw heads up to 3/8" or 10mm), 2 extra tapered HSS M2 drill bits (grade 6542), 1 stopper, 1 hex spanner and 1 safety container to ensure your kit is safe and ready to use

The plug cutter must be used with a drill press to obtain the ideal plug diameter. A speed of between 1600 and 1900 Rpm is recommended to prevent the burning of the plug and for a more permanent sharpening.
Example: Hinges - The drill also erases any burrs left behind in any application, thus improving the finish and removing dangerous edges.

Finish type: black oxide
Material: High-speed steel M2 tapered drill bit, carbon steel
Shank diameter: 0.25 inches
Tool handle material: carbon steel
Handle type: Hexadecimal
Packing size: 7.28 x 4.09 x 0.67 inches

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