Ball End Double Cut Rotary Burrs File

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Our versatile and simple-to-use carving bits
make it easy to express your creativity!
Carving bits work well for detailed material removal in applications like shaping, carving, engraving.

Ball Shape HeadDouble Cut ball shape SD-5. The Ball shape of the carving bit head can be used to make concave cuts or hollow-out material. The tip makes round-bottom slots and grooves and can be used for rounded side cuts

Durable -  Made of heat-treated tungsten carbide that hardness can reach up to above HRA85, sharp and sturdy, long service life

Versatile - Widely used for metalwork, tool making, engineering,model engineering, wood carving, jewellery making, welding, chamferring,casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting and sculpting.

 ✅ TargetSuitable for all skill level | this is a essential kit for woodworkers & enthusiasts who cleans up welds or works with metal frequently.

 Convenient -Generally can be used with handheld electric or pneumatic tool drive.



  • Wear protective equipment to avoid injury
  • Double cut burrs can be used at slower speeds than normal but in any case limit your tool speed to 35000 rpm
  • Start your tool slowly and increase the speed to the optimal level
  • When using your burrs, apply a little pressure only and let them do the hard work

 Product Specification:

  • Size: 45mm Shank
  • length, 1/4’’shank
  • diameter, 1/2" cutter
  • diameter, 0.45" length of cut

Package Includes:

  • Dx605M06+Dx807M06+Dx1009M06+Dx1210M06 set of 4 

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