Masonry Drill Bit Set (10 Pieces)

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Masonry drill bits are all-in-one multi-purpose drill bits, designed for drilling into tough materials such as stone, bricks or concrete, ceramic, glass and more. They went through the materials like a hot knife through butter.

Includes the following size:

1/8" x 2 (3" LENGTH)
1/4" x 2 (4" LENGTH)
1/4" x 2 (6" LENGTH)
5/16 x 1 (6" LENGTH)
3/8" x 2 (6" LENGTH)
1/2" x 1 (6" LENGTH)

Masonry Drill Bit Set


  1. Recommended speed of drill set: 100-800 /min, the larger the diameter, the slower the speed requirement.
  2. Impact drill is not recommended, the work piece must be fixed.
  3. Please try to keep the drill vertical.
  4. Cooling with water/coolant is highly advisable.
  5. Hammer drill is advised when you drill the materials where high pressure is inadvisable.



Item name Masonry Drill Bit Set
Drill Bit Type Masonry
Material Carbide
Shank Type 3 flat shank
Fit for  Charging drill, Hand drill, Bench drill
Pieces in Pack 10 Bits
Weight 11 ounces
Package Dimensions 7.1*2*1.4 inches

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