Suction Cup Tile Punching Locator

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Guide Hole Saw or Drill Bit to Drill Clear Holes On Tiles, Glasses, Marbles, Fish Tanks, Granite, Ceramics, Etc.


 No tools needed, everything goes on and off with thumbscrews.


The Suction Cup Tile Punching Locator is your perfect drilling guide needs!



  • Adjustable plates and flexible. The structure allows the locator to hold 4~80mm drill bit in place for precise drilling. 4 ball bearings provides smooth rotation during drilling. It is large enough to put in all sizes hole saws.

  • Long service life. High quality engineering plastic and sealed bearing construction is thick enough for long durability. This tile punch locator is made of engineering grade plastic, durable quality, not easy to get cracked as those fragile ones. Can be used time and time again.

  • Sure drilling accuracy. With rubber vacuum suction cup, it can be stably attached to the smooth tile to increase the drilling accuracy. This suction cup is designed for glass and tiles even in small sizes and it is easy to attach to cooling systems. Suction base has good strength to hold the centering jig tight and well on smooth surface.

  • Wide application. Multi-functional, easy to use and store. It is ideal for as guide hole and accurate drilling on ceramic tile, glass, marble, fish tank, granite etc.



  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Net weight: 337g
  • Bit holding range: 4~83mm
  • Size (mm): 142 x 186~260



  • 1 x Suction Cup Tile Punching Locator

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