6Pcs Step Drill Bit Saw Drill Bit Set Titanium Milling Cutter For Woodworking Metal Core Hole Opener 4-12 4-20 4-32mm 3 6 8mm

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New 6Pcs 4-12mm 4-20mm 4-32mm HSS Round Handle Step Drill Bit Set Titanium Coated Wood Metal Hole Cutter Core Drill Bit Set

Product Description:

*Made of high speed steel material, stable and durable to use.
*Titanium plating treatment.
*Two Flute Design For Faster, Smoother Cutting.
*The step drill bits Set replaces 29 individual drill bits.
*High strength, hardness and easy to use.
*Suitable for Drilling in Wood, Plastics, Steel, Aluminium and other Non Ferrous Metals.

Product Specifications:

*Material: High Speed Steel
*Color: Gold
*Surface Treatment: Titanium Plating
*Strp Drill Bits: 4-12mm / 4-20mm / 4-32mm
*Saw Drill Bits: 3mm / 6mm / 8mm
*Include: 3pcs Strp Drill Bits & 3pcs Saw Drill Bits

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