Colorful Solar Fountain Brushless Motor 1800 Ma Battery Outdoor Garden Decoration

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--Brushless motor is adopted, with long service life and low failure rate.

--seven color LED light beads, which automatically start the lighting function after the sun sets, and the lighting mode is automatic breathing mode.

--equipped with four braces to prevent the fountain from blowing to the Bank of the pond during use (the length of a single brace is 10cm)

--1800 Ma battery can continuously supply power to water pump and color lights for 4 hours under full power state.


Name: solar fountain

Solar panel voltage: 4.5V

Solar panel power: 3.5W

Solar panel size: Φ 160mm (diameter 160mm,)

Number of colored lights: 7 LED breathing colorful lights (automatic color change)

Specifications and parameters of water pump:

Water pump voltage: DC 4.5V water pump power: 1.0W whether the water pump is equipped with anti dry burning: Yes, anti dry burning is integrated with the control board;

Maximum lift: 130cm maximum flow: 240L / h maximum spray height: 60cm

Product weight: 315g, including packaging

Package size: 17.5 x 17.5 x 4.5cm

Start up: when the water pump receives sufficient sunlight for the first time, the water pump will start up within 3 seconds In order to ensure the battery life, 30% of the battery will be retained during each battery discharge, and the battery will not work. It is recommended to take the fountain out of the water and put it in the sun for rapid charging.
1. Electric energy diversion and battery power supply function. When solar energy is converted into electric energy during the day, 70% will supply power to the fountain and 30% will charge the battery. At night, the battery supplies power for fountains and lanterns.
2. With the same volume, the power of solar panel is increased by encrypting the density of monocrystalline silicon line.
3. The controller is equipped with anti dry burning function. When the water level is lower than 3cm, the anti dry burning function is started. The water pump does not spray water, and the solar panel will only charge the battery.
4. Sponge filter screen is added at the water pump inlet to prevent blocking the water pump. The sponge filter screen can be removed for cleaning.

5. (there are 6 types of sprinklers with completely different spray effects. The structure of the sprinkler is different from that on the market. The commercially available ones are installed in the snap type with the separation of adapter rod and adapter, which is not easy to replace after installation. Our ones adopt the wordy knob type, which does not need adapter rod, and the installation and disassembly are simple.) 

Packing list:
6 x Nozzle  
1 x instructions 
4 x solar fountain 
the battery has protection function. In order to prevent the battery from discharging itself during transportation, please put the product in the sun for 1 minute to activate the product when it is used for the first time.


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