Dragonpad 12V 12A Inline Mini LED Dimmer Controller for Single Color LED Strip Lights and Dimmable LED Products

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This is a functional dimmer with a Memory Feature, it will start right back up on the same mode/speed you last left it on. It is so tiny to be concealed, just set it to your favorite mode and then forget about it.
- Make your own motorcycle taillight strobes to draw more attention. Just set it on one of the super fast flashing modes.
- Heartbeat fade in / fade out mode for event decoration, costumes with LEDs, etc.
- Strobe modes for headlight flashers.
- And of course it can be used for many more cool projects. Use your imagination!
Functions(for single color strips);
--Press MODE to cycle through 5 modes
--Press SPEED/BRIGHTNESS to cycle through 5 speeds(for the mode)
--Press SPEED/BRIGHTNESS to cycle through 8 brightness levels while in a solid light mode
--Press SPEED/BRIGHTNESS while in solid light mode, hold down to switch ON/OFF
--PressLIGHT to get a solid glow
Note: Package includes 1×mini dimmer only.


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