Edger Paint Brush Paint Roller Proffesional Clean Cut Tool Multifunctional Paint Edger Rollers Brush Wall Painting Tool

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- 1. Cut In Edges in Minutes, not Hours! Cutting in paint can be tedious and time-consuming...but not any more!

- 2. Ensures that even painters with little or no experience can paint consistent, straight edges with no paint on the trim

- 3. Great for painting above stairwells, cathedral and vaulted ceilings, and for any user who prefers to minimize the time spent painting on a ladder.


- Material: Plastic, PET

- Color: Red

- Size: 21.5 cm in Length

Package Includes:

- 1 x Brush

Color separation paint brush

- Brush straight and even

Yellow baffle

- Fits the wall easily with trimmed edges

PET material brush

- Good toughness and high/low temperature resistance

Evenly and effortlessly painted

- Stable fit to the wall

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