Woodwork Chamfer Corner Tool

Style: Basic Version with 10 Blades
Color: Red
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This Woodwork Chamfer Corner Tool will make trimming and leveling of woods easy and super convenient.

Comes with horizontal and vertical bubbles that provides an easy observation and leveling. It has an adjustable cutting depth and has a good pressure resistance. Firm and secured to use, it is perfect for all wood types and sizes.


  • Perfect Finishing Tool 

Makes quick work of edge relief without changing bits in your router or plugging in anything. This tool ensures the smoothness of every edges and corner of your wood projects. It gives good professional look for every finished wooden project. 


  • Adjustable Depending on Your Need

    Accompanied with adjustable cutting depth and with good pressure resistance that will perfectly suit whatever your need is for your woodworking. 

  • Durably Made

Made only with the most premium materials, making it lightweight yet durable for a longtime service use. Tough enough to withstand and resist rust and corrosion.


  • Easy Observation & Leveling

    Equipped with horizontal and vertical bubbles for easy observation and leveling. It has a 45˚ radius cutting option. 

  • Wide Applicability

Used and trusted by all woodworkers, be it DIY-ers or professionals, it is also suitable for trimming and chamfering all wood types and sizes. Great for furniture, decorations, and many other wood projects.


  • Simple Operation

Small, portable, and easy to operate, the tool is more intimate in planing smooth level. Hassle-free to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.



  • Material: ABS Plastic + Aluminum Alloy + Carbon Steel
  • Dimension: 150 x 55 x 24 mm



  • 1 X Multi-Angle Chamfer Corner Tool

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