A Shape Shifting, Hyper-Capable Multi-Tool

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Omnipotent Wrench

The ideal pocket wrench letting you handle a range of sizes easily and quickly.

-Self adjusting



-Standard and metric

-Easy to use

-Grips tight


Multifunctional Architecture

Unfold to full wrench length or separate easily at the hinge, leaving tools in each hand.


-Full size screwdriver

-T-handle driver

-Full grip knife

-Locking, pistol grip saws

-Joined and folded, it is 5.1"x1.77"x1.1"




-Right angle driver

-Leverage extension for the wrench

-Pocket clip for easy carry

-Easy use bit extender clip

--6.2oz and 5.35"x1.77"x0.5"


-Sprung combo heads

-Four bits on board

-T-handle driver


-Locking metal and wood saws

-Locking file/awl

-3.125" locking, one hand, D2  blade, slim grip

-Pocket clip, slim and comfortable in back pockets.

-8.4oz and 4.8"x1.77"x0.6"

The Knife

-One hand operation


-Full size blade, 3.125"

-Heat treated D2 steel

-Accessible and usable joined or separated

-Slim and  full grip configurations


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