Carving Tongue Groove Milling 1/2 INCH Router

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Carving Tongue Groove Milling 1/2 INCH Router

    1, Precise gaps & tongues provide strong joints that will hold and stay in place!
    2, Cut and connect easily and safely with anti-kickback & heat resistant design!
    3, Perfect for amateurs and professionals for all kinds of woodworks!
    4, Strong Joints - Accurately creates gaps and tongues to make strong end-to-end joints in all wood and wood composites. Great for doors, cabinets, tables, shelves, more!
    5, Quick & Easy - Sharp blades let you lengthen and connect boards by creating joints quickly & easily with a flawless finish.

    1, It is to end join two or more pieces. You run one end through, and then you raise or lower it enough to cut the other piece so that they interlock.
    2, It can cut plywood and any joined wood i.e. maple/walnut cutting boards.

    Material/s: Carbide Alloy
    Shank Sizes: 1/2 INCH

    2 x Tongue Groove Milling 1/2 INCH Router

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