Household Flea Trap Light Safe Non-toxic Tasteless Flea Sticky Trap for Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Toilet EU plug

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  • --SAFE, NON-TOXIC AND ODOR-Free: Our flea traps do not contain pesticides, chemicals, fumes or sprays, and the odorless glue traps are completely odorless.
  • --No high voltage, no sparks and no electric shock, safe to use in areas with children and pets.
  • --suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc., to provide you with a good living environment.
  • --It has a good effect on flying ants, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects.
  • --Product size: diameter 18.5CM, height 11CM

1. It is not recommended to use it for a long time without interruption. The power can be turned off at any time for more than 2 hours a day to prevent the bulb from burning out. If two or three weeks have not been caught, please replace the insect-proof board in time. EPA Est.No.96992-CHN-1
2. Get rid of all insects and bugs attracted to heat without using pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Super safe to use around pregnant women, children and pets in your home. If the flea light fails to catch pests for a week, change the location in time.
3. EASY TO CLEAN: Simply insert the sticky dome flea trap into any room with a flea problem. The soft bulbs create a bright and warm environment that attracts fleas and other small insects, which are attached to strong sticky paper. When the glue plate is 70% full of flies and mosquitoes, remove the glue plate and replace it with a new one
4. Effective Bed Bug Traps: Sticky dome flea traps use heat and light to effectively attract fleas and other insects from all directions, then trap the fleas with sticky pads and kill them by keeping them from escaping with super glue. 
5. MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER: This flea trap can help you deal with your flea problem. It can protect your dog from itching, keep your pet healthy, protect your skin. In addition, the low light of the bug trap does not affect sleep and can be used as a night light. If you don't catch it in two or three weeks, please replace the annual bug board in time

Name: Trap Light

Product size: diameter 18.5CM, height 11CM
Product material: PP

Packing list:
Machine x 1
Lamp cap wire x 1
Trap Light x 2
Sticky paper x 2
Different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. 
Manual measuring,please allow 1~3mm error,thank you.


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