Pliers EDC Folding Knife Multitool Screwdriver Bit Wire Stripper Set Portable Outdoor Survival Bottle Opener Hand Tools

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Material: 2Cr13 blade: 3Cr13

Product surface black/black treatment

Appearance: alumina handle

Opening length :19CM

Closing length :11CM


Product Features:

1. Needle-nose pliers, 2. Tool pliers, 3. Wire cutters, 4. Open half-toothed folding knife (side lock), 5. Opener, 6. One-word screwdriver,7. Can opener, 8. Beveled cone, 9. Batch head connector (square batch), 10.9-in1 batch head accessory set, 11. High-grade forming Oxford bag


Package Include:

1*Multi-purpose pliers set

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