Windshield Repair Kit Quick Fix Car Cracked Glass Windscreen Repair Tool Kit Resin Sealer DIY Auto Window Screen Polishing

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Product model: WRK-15004      

Package size: 220 x 110 x 25mm/8.66 x 4.33 x 0.98"      

Packing weight: 65g


1. Once the damage occurs, cover the area with transparent adhesive tape to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the damaged area.      

2. Damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the spread of small cracks.      

3. Do not repair it under direct sunlight.      

4. The ideal applying temperature is 60℉ to 90℉(15℃ to 32℃). Allow the vehicle to have enough time to adapt to the temperature if it has been in a hot or cold environment.      

5. The surface must be clean and dry for proper repair.      

6. Do not expose the resin to automotive paint, scraper or plastic facing, because this may cause damage.       

7. Not all damage can be repaired and restored to complete optical clarity.      

8. Important! In order to reduce the risk of chemical contact with skin and eyes, you must wear safety glasses and gloves when using this product.     


1. Because the air in the cracks will block the penetration of the repair fluid. We have the vacuum function to remove the air in the cracks quickly.      

2. The enhanced sealing rubber injection head can generate strong pressure to force the repair fluid into the cracks.      

3. Imported repair fluid (this is very critical), up to 20PA shear strength.      

Package included:

1 * repair resin

1 * repair device

5 * curing film

1 * sleeved razor blade

1 * instruction


Windshield repair kit

Minimizes the appearance. and Stops the

spread of chics and cracks in your windshield.

Easy to use- takes only minutes

Product removes air from the break, fills it with

a durable resin. And makes it even stronger than before.


1 * repair resin

1 * repair device

5 * curing film

1 * sleeved razor blade

1 * instruction


Simple use method: 

1. Positioning. 2. Injection of plastic.

3. Pressurized. 4. Repair is complete.


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