Woodworking Linear Arc and Straight Line Scriber Tool

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Save time & effort!



The Linear Arc scriber is high accuracy tool that make scribing curved edges easier than before!

No need to make a notch and lot of measurements to draw parallel curved/straight lines again!

Draw smooth lines with perfect precision without worrying about grabbing the edges like a simple marking tool often does!

Draw Accurate Parallel Lines

Easily Adjust the measurement and draw smooth parallel Curved/Straight lines with the help of the stainless steel rollers.

You can see how this tool can make your job easier!

Draw Arcs with Twin stainless steel rollers.

Twin rollers to help Mark All kind of surfaces without stuttering the edges like a simple marking tool often does!

Adjust the measurement of drawing to up to 120mm!

Wide range of applications

Can be used in a variety of materials like ceramic, iron, acrylic, wood, glass etc., making your job easier.



Made of aluminum alloy, practical and wear resistant, has a long service life.

With incisive and smooth tungsten steel blade.

Easy to use and measure, high precision, more professional.

Can hold pens for different sizes, suitable for wood, ceramic, iron, acrylic, etc.



Material: aluminum alloy

Color: silver

Total length: 120mm / 7.1in

Item weight: 420g / 0.9lb

Package size: 200 * 60 * 60mm / 7.9 * 2.3 * 2.3in

Package weight: 450g / 1.0ln


Package list:

1 * Woodworking Linear Arc Scriber Tool 

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